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Cork Toss is a game for wine lovers and game enthusiasts! The game to change the landscape of tossing games.

What if you could have a tossing game you could play inside or outside. A game where you had almost unlimited game pieces and could easily change the game difficulty by changing the size of the glass. A game you could have at your home, at your business or both. A game that everyone wants to play.

Cork Toss is an exciting game where Corks are the game pieces for a new era of gaming. With other games, if you lose or break a bean bag or ping-pong ball, you have to go to the store or stop playing. With Cork Toss, if you lose a cork, you just open a bottle of wine and you instantly have a new game piece! How cool is that?!

The Buzz

There's been a lot of buzz around Cork Toss.  Here are just a few examples.  This thing is going viral!

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Coming Soon

Cork Toss will be available for purchase soon. Check back for more updates!

About Us

I have lived in Sonoma for many years and during those years I have tossed thousands of corks into hundreds of baskets, bowls, and yes, glasses. After two years of development, several patents/trademarks, purchasing thousands of custom corks, and diversion of most of my wine funds, my business partner and I are happy to finally launch Cork Toss!

-Nico Gutierrez (Founder)

More Info

For more info, please send us an email.